Paulo Fumaneri

I have a background in finances and psychology with a recent degree in the social sciences, a Bachelor of Arts Specialization in Human Relations, which involves applying social psychology theories and models to the development individuals, communities, and organizations. I have experience working inthe community providing psychosocial support to individuals and families in need. I always believed in the inner strength of individuals, and I always loved helping people to identify their strength as a community and consequently build resilience. For this reason, I believe that is important to understand the social variables and constructions that influence the well-being of children and families to help reconnecting to who they are. In this way, helping professionals can promote ways to support this process of empowerment so individuals can build a better future for themselves and their communities.

I have been working with Professor Vandna for two years at the Centre for Research on Children and Families. Since then, I have been involved in different areas/aspects of the First Nations Incidence Study on Child Abuse and Maltreatment (FNCIS) regarding the organization of the FNCIS Advisory Committee, which has the mission to develop strong partnerships between government agencies, First Nations child welfare agencies/practitioners, policy specialists and academics from across Canadian jurisdictions to produce a collaborative study in a national level. I have also been involved in a literature review that is connected to the "Knowledge translation and dissemination" aspect of the FNCIS. 

Contact: paulo.fumaneri [at] (Email)

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