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This talk examines the richness of fur trade records before early 19th century accounting reforms in the industry began changing journal writing traditions. Whether left by traders of the London-based Hudson’s Bay Company, or by bourgeois representing crediting trading houses in Montreal (often working in the North West Company), such journals were a central part of a larger accounting system of the 18th and early 19th centuries.

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For nearly 250 years, the Jewish community has made important contributions to life in Canada. In a new, multi-panel exhibition, this legacy is explored through themes ranging from public service and human rights to sports and the arts. The exhibition is supported by an extensive website, which includes an online quiz.

This exhibition was developed by the Canadian Jewish Experience.

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The exhibition is in two parts.  The first part is devoted to the Battle of Vimy Ridge and to the memorial dedicated by King Edward the 8th in 1936 at Vimy.  The second part of the exhibition is devoted to remembrance; to the memorials and to the memorialization of the bravery and sacrifices of Canada’s men and women during the First World War.  Part I opens on the 7th of April and continues through November; part II, will open on the 19th of May and continue to September 22nd.


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