Experts: What to expect from Brexit?


Published: 16Jan2019

The March 29th Brexit deadline is coming fast for the United Kingdom and the European Union. What then can we expect from Brexit? Here are McGill experts available to answer your questions:

Armand de Mestral, Faculty of Law, McGill University

Emeritus Professor de Mestral has taught among other things constitutional law, public international law, international trade law, international arbitration, and the law of the European CommunityHis current research interest is the law of international economic integration. He has drafted books, articles and reports in English and French on international trade law, Canadian comparative and constitutional law, and international law. He has served on WTO and NAFTA dispute settlement and arbitration tribunals. [at], phone numbers available upon request (English, French)

Andrea Bjorklund, Faculty of Law, McGill University

She holds the L. Yves Fortier Chair in International Arbitration and Commercial Law at McGill. She’s a renowned expert in international arbitration and litigation, international trade and international investment.

Andrea.bjorklund [at] (English)

Brian Lewis, Department of History & Classical Studies, McGill University

He's an historian of Modern Britain. The courses that he offers from time to time are a Seminar in British Urban History, courses on British History from 1688 to the present, a course on British & Irish Nationalisms (the national question in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England since the Glorious Revolution), an upper-level course on British Queer History, a survey of the history of sexuality in Europe and North America since 1700, global surveys of the First and Second World Wars and a first-year seminar on nation building and nationalism.

brian.lewis [at] (English)

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