Taylor Owen on the "Christchurch Call" | CBC Radio

Published: 16May2019

MAY 15, 2019 | Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other world leaders reunited in Paris for the "Christchurch Call" summit. This meeting brought together politicians and industry leaders in tech to...

Taylor Owen on the challenges of moderating online content | CBC News

Published: 16May2019

MAY 15, 2019 | McGill University's Chair of Media, Ethics and Communications Taylor Owen joined CBC's Andrew Nichols to talk about the challenges in tackling online extremism. The technical...

Je pensais que j'étais transgenre - reportage à Radio-Canada avec Dr Vessière

Published: 14May2019

À l'adolescence, ils désiraient plus que tout changer de sexe. Ils ont commencé le processus, mais en cours de route, certains se sont rendu compte qu'ils ne l'avaient pas fait pour les bonnes...

Jay Olson (PhD candidate) is conjuring up a new approach to placebos with help from Drs Raz and Veissière

Published: 10May2019

Though placebos are inert, they often work even when people know they’re placebos. From his professional experience, (former amateur magician, Jay) Olson understands that the power of suggestion is...

Dr Turecki study of the correlation between suicide (unassisted) and depression highlighted in El Libero (Chile)

Published: 10May2019

Gustavo Turecki, director of the Department of Psychiatry at McGill University (Canada), investigates the correlation between suicide (unassisted) and depression. Although not all people suffering...