People with strong partisan views get more facts wrong on a current events test: survey | Global News

Published: 8Aug2019

AUGUST 8, 2019 | A survey launched by the Digital Democracy Project found that most Canadians across the political spectrum got a common set of facts from an array of mainstream media outlets. The...

Canadians who hold strong links to political parties more likely to be misinformed about politics | The Star

Published: 8Aug2019

AUGUST 8, 2019 | The Digital Democracy Project, an initiative of Max Bell School of Public Policy in collaboration with the Public Policy Forum, analyzes the increasing amounts of disinformation...

News that's safe to use: Researchers aim to track information during campaign | CBC News

Published: 8Aug2019

AUGUST 8, 2019 | In an age where information is increasingly scrutinized yet more easily diffusable than ever, Canadians might be more misinformed than disinformed. New findings from the Digital...

Surgery simulators are key to assessment of trainees

Published: 2Aug2019

AI and virtual reality can determine neurosurgeon expertise with 90% accuracy...

Study finds Nunavik Inuit are genetically unique

Published: 23Jul2019

Variants found in this population may predispose to brain aneurysm...

Climate change puts health at risk and economists have the right prescription | The Conversation

Published: 15Jul2019

June 24, 2019 | Climate change affects many aspects of people's lives. As it is a common source of worry to doctors and economists alike, the proposed solutions to climate change are numerous....