What does your phone say about you? Canadians share the story behind their homescreens. Dr Veissière,The Globe and Mail

Published: 17Jun2019

Behind the smartphone apps that power your daily life, chances are you have a picture that means something to you. You may have chosen your pet to be your background photo, for example. And those...

Pour réussir à l'école, dormez! Dre Gruber, La Presse

Published: 17Jun2019

Les enfants fatigués peuvent éprouver des difficultés à pratiquer des sports. Ils bougent moins - et moins ils bougent, pire est leur sommeil », écrit l'auteure, Dre Reut Gruber. Lire l'opinion ici.

Inducing seizures to stop seizures

Published: 11Jun2019

Cortical stimulation-induced seizures have the potential to guide epilepsy surgery, significantly reducing hospital stays...

Alan Evans honoured for his lifetime contribution to the field of neuroimaging

Published: 9Jun2019

The Organization for Human Brain Mapping, the largest international scientific society for neuroimaging-based brain research, has honoured Prof. Alan C. Evans with its Glass Brain Award...

Dr Greenfield featured on Kaiser Health News

Published: 6Jun2019

Fact Check: On Campaign Trail, Joe Biden Highlights Nation's Lack Of School Psychologists...