Students:  Sacha Bailey; Monica BatacCarolanne BrazeauDenise Brend; Kathryn ChadwickKatrina Cherney; Emmanuel ChilangaLiam Curren; Matt Danbrook; Mireille De La Sablonnière-Griffin; Melanie Doucet; Nicole D'souza; Denis Dubé; Damyan EdwardsPaulo Fumaneri; Geneviève Gates-PannetonGina Glidden; Marie-Ève Grisé BolducHayley HahnPhoebe Johnston; Tyson KelsallMohammad N. Khan; Katy KonykEkta KumarAlicia Kyte; Portia Larlee; Claire LawrenceEunyoung Lee; Ash LowenthalRadha MacCullochNatalia Manay-Quian; Carley MarshallSusan Mintzberg; Lyn MorlandShannon Morrison; Anthony MusiwaRodney NkrumahJennifer Nutton; Anne-Marie ParentSol Park; Leah PaulCaitlin SalvinoMegan Simpson; Kharoll-Ann SouffrantNahid Sultana; Hannah WarrenJaime Wegner-Lohin; Jessica Whitehead

  Members Research Interest
Sacha Bailey

Child and family health and wellbeing; childhood disability

Monica Batac

Youth development; immigrant youth and families; immigration and settlement; settlement work; community-based practice

Carolanne Brazeau

Child welfare and mistreatment, trauma and resilience, juvenile delinquency, and contemporary Indigenous issues particularly within the youth criminal justice department

Denise Brend Trauma and resilience; Child welfare and child maltreatment; Child and family health and wellbeing; Poverty

Kathryn Chadwick

  Child and family health and wellbeing, Social policy, Service disparities

Katrina Cherney Child education and poverty

Emmanuel Chilanga

Child welfare and child maltreatment; Child and family health and wellbeing; Food and nutrition security and Participatory action research 

Liam Curran
Child and family social work, disability, maltreatment & neglect
Neurodevelopmental disorders related to FASD
Matt Danbrook

Child maltreatment; Suicidal behaviour; Trauma and resilience; Childhood disability; Treatment

Mireille De La Sablonnière-Griffin Indigenous child welfare; Disclosure; Sexual abuse
Melanie Doucet
Child welfare; Foster care; Child protection services; Youth in care; Aging out; Transition to adulthood; Trauma and resilience; Youth engagement; Social policy; Legislative reform; Youth advocacy; Youth Justice

Nicole D'souza

Trauma and resilience; child and family health and wellbeing; participatory research; poverty; culture and mental health; social policy; education policy

Denis Dubé

Stigmatization, LGBT related issues, service accessibility and disparities, Social Policies, Caregiving and community support

Damyan Edwards Child maltreatment; Childhood sexual abuse; Child health and well-being; Neurotrauma

Paulo Fumaneri

 Aboriginal child welfare; Gerontological social work; Resilience and trauma; Access to services; Psychosocial support for informal caregivers.

Geneviève Gates-Panneton

Child welfare and child maltreatment; Child and family health and wellbeing

Gina Glidden  Child and family health and wellbeing; Childhood Disability
Marie-Ève Grisé Bolduc Child welfare; Trauma; Trauma-informed care; Implementation research; Maltreatment and Neglect
Hayley Hahn

Child welfare;  Indigenous sovereignty;  Legal theory and practice

Phoebe Johnston

Human Rights, Disability and Social Policy

Tyson Kelsall

Harm Reduction; Reduced barriers to access; Cultural equity & anti-racism; Primary interaction with services; Policy 

Mohammad N. Khan Social development; poverty; family economic stress; financial capability; economic interventions 
Katy Konyk  Trauma and resiliency; Occupational mental health; Social policy; Mixed methods research

Ekta Kumar

Child Welfare and Maltreatment, Child and Family Wellbeing, At-Risk Youth, Social Policy and Culturally Competent Practice

Alicia Kyte

Child welfare and child maltreatment; Community-based approaches to child welfare; Inter-organizational collaboration

Portia Larlee

Community-based approaches to child welfare, child welfare

Claire Lawrence

Child and family health and wellbeing; transgender youth and families

Eunyoung Lee 

Societal stigmatization of older adults, caregivers of older adults with dementia, health and social care service utilization, psychological well-being in later life, and cultural competency

Ash Lowenthal Child welfare and child maltreatment; attachment and child/youth development; parenting; trauma and resilience; cycles of intergenerational and collective trauma; decolonization and nature connection; social and environmental justice; organizational development; program evaluation; social policy
Radha MacCulloch Childhood Disability; Transition to adulthood; 
Natalia Manay-Quian
Child welfare and child maltreatment; Trauma and resilience

Carley Marshall

Child and family health and well-being; Pre and postnatal maternal depression; Maternal mental health; Child internalizing; Resilience 

Susan Mintzberg  
Lyn Morland

Child and family health and wellbeing; Child education; Trauma and resilience

Shannon Morrison

Child and family health and wellbeing, and childhood disability

Anthony Musiwa

Child and family health and wellbeing; HIV/AIDS impacts mitigation; Child welfare and child maltreatment; Child poverty and child rights; Social protection; Implementation research; Mixed–methods research
Rodney Nkrumah

Child welfare; social protection services; social and development policy 

Jennifer Nutton

Child welfare and child maltreatment; Child and family health and wellbeing; Indigenous child welfare; Cross-cultural child welfare practice

Anne-Marie Parent

Child and family health and wellbeing; Resilience; LGBTQ+ youth and their families; Discrimination; Parent-child relationships; Self-determination

Sol Park

Child welfare and child maltreatment; Immigrant mental health and wellbeing

Leah Paul

Social and environmental justice; Child and family health and wellbeing; Social policy and advocacy

Caitlin Salvino

Childhood disability

  Megan Simpson  
Kharoll-Ann Souffrant Sexual violence against women, responses to disclosure of sexual violence by women, feminist theories, mental health
Nahid Sultana  Poverty; immigrants; social welfare policy

Hannah Warren

Harm reduction, trauma and resilience, poverty and child welfare and child maltreatment, child and family health and well-being

Jaime Wegner-Lohin Child welfare and child maltreatment; Child and family health and wellbeing;
Jessica Whitehead

Child and family health and wellbeing; Trauma and resilience; Poverty