Associates: Sacha BaileyIrene Beeman; Tara Black; Hanna Caldwell; Brynna ChildsAshleigh Delaye; Shayna HadleySarah McNameeCrystal NoronhaMarie Saint-Girons; Meghan SangsterMarie-Eve TurcotteMichael Udy; Soyoon Weon

  Members Research Interest

Irene Beeman

Trauma & resilience; health & social literacy; gender expression & socialization; human sexuality & intimate relationships; birth & parenting culture

Sacha Bailey

Childhood disability; Child and Family Health and Wellbeing; Knowledge exchange in paediatric health and social services

Tara Black Child welfare and child maltreatment; child and family health and wellbeing; trauma and resilience; children's exposure to intimate partner violence; quantitative research methods; performance indicators
Hanna Caldwell Refugee resettlement; civil society engagement; community development; transcultural mental health, immigration policy

Ashleigh Delaye

Aboriginal child welfare; child welfare and maltreatment; trauma; poverty; psychosocial support for informal/kin caregivers

Shayna Hadley

Youth sexual education​ programming; sexual violence prevention; trauma and resilience; community based research; participatory research; LGBTQ2S+ organizing and resilience; trans youth and student organizing

Sarah McNamee

Child welfare and child maltreatment; trauma and resilience; trauma-informed care; implementation research; interpersonal violence

Crystal Noronha

Child and family health and wellbeing; child welfare and child maltreatment; pediatric ethics; qualitative research; pediatric palliative care

Marie Saint-Girons Trauma, coping, and resilience; Cross-cultural approaches to mental health; Access to services for forced migrants; Indigenous child welfare
Meghan Sangster Trauma and resilience; child and family health and wellbeing
Marie-Eve Turcotte Child welfare and child maltreatment; child and family health and wellbeing; trauma and resilience; poverty
  Michael Udy  
Soyoon Weon Poverty


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