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Interested in or curious about a career in Power Engineering? Come and learn about scholarships and exclusive career and internship opportunities available through the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering (www.igee.ca). 16 industry partners and 9 Quebec universities work together to provide electrical engineering students with a formal training program to meet the present and future needs of the power engineering industry.

For more info & to register:  engineering.myFuture.mcgill.ca > Events > Workshops (keyword: IGEE)

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Co-Hosted with The Factory
Major League Hacking is hosting its first Local Workshop at McGill! During this workshop you will learn the basics of how to build skills for Amazon Alexa to run on Alexa devices like the Amazon Tap or Echo. The provided content covers setting up Alexa Skills Kit, developing your first skill, deploying your skill to AWS Lambda, and submitting your skill for publication.

Learning Objectives:

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Are you a creative problem solver, with strong interpersonal skills and a strategic approach?

·         Meet, engage and gain insight from Alumni/industry professionals

·         Capitalize on this unparalleled opportunity to network and establish contacts

·         Gain insight into the fields of consulting and technical sales

·         learn how to leverage your engineering skillset in the field

·         limited seats so registration is mandatory!


With more than 30 million vehicles crossing annually, the Honoré Mercier Bridge is one of the busiest in Canada. Wishing to extend the life of the bridge by at least 75 years, The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated adopted an active and preventive management approach by opting for the complete replacement of the deck on the federal section of the Honoré-Mercier Bridge. This replacement was completed in 2016. Come learn more about this project which presents considerable technical challenges and a unique context.


The McGill EngInE is pleased to announce the sponsorship of six undergraduate student spots to participate in this year’s Cansbridge Fellowship Conference in San Francisco.

First and second year undergraduate students enrolled at McGill’s Faculty of Engineering are eligible to apply to participate.

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